Sonntag 29.4.2012; RED FANG, BLACK TUSK, PLANET OF ZEUS, SATIVA ROOT@Rockhouse-Bar Salzburg


BAD REVERB, The On/Off Mode 7", PLAGUE MASS, Living Among Meat Eaters 12", HEARTBREAK KID Power To The Kids 7", KAISHAKUNIN Vernunft begabter Mensch CD, WE HAD A DEAL The World Owes You Nothing CD, REVVRITTEN Wanderlust 7", DAMAGES Scars 7", LIGHTHOUSE Abyssus Abyssum Invocat 12", MAN THE CHANGE Forgiver CD sold out, REVVRITTEN Elise CD ALLOCATION Corvus Corax, Corvus Corone 10" CD MAN THE CHANGE Forgiver 12"



Dienstag, 3. April 2012

Back from the Dead....

Long time quiet deafcult it's time to get back to business with one more release. Salzburg finest "FIVE MINUTE FALL" recorded a monster of an album back in January and we are happy to release that bastard on the 6th of April. You can check out some songs at theier very own facebook page, on soundcloud or of course on the CD itself. The CD is called "Close To Collapse", which describes perfectly the feeling after a 20km run, after playing squash with my girlfriend or after a short look on world economy.

Make sure to check it out!

Love peace and death metal.

Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2010

MAN THE CHANGE preorders online. ALLOCATION reveal Cover Artwork. ALTAR OF MADNESS playing their first show.

A lot of things are going on in the deafcult HQ. We now feature the MAN THE CHANGE "FORGIVER LP" in our webstore. You will get 11 Tracks of heavy rocking hardcore, with a sweet nineties touch. The first orders will get limited blue/white splatter vinyl. The rest will get blue ones. Everyone will receive a free 7inch along with the record. Check the store for ordering.
If you are not quite sure what to expect visit Man The Change's myspace. or check out the video of "Schade dass Beton nicht brennt"

ALLOCATION from Belgium revealed the Artwork of their upcoming 10inch: Corvus Corax, Corvus Corone. Furthermore they uploaded the song "Pegasus" on their facebook page and also on their myspace. Expect some heavy 90ies hardcore, with chugga chugga riffs, harsh vocals. Reminds us a bit of Disembodied. Great.

ALTAR OF MADNESS is more or less finally releasing their demo and are going to play their first show on the 8th of Feb. in Berchtesgaden with NAYSAYER from Richmond, PA.

We wish you a nice rest of the weekend.

Freitag, 3. Dezember 2010

newsletter nov. 2010

Hi there!

We have a couple of news for you and us. First of all MAN THE CHANGE's FORGIVER will be available on vinyl really, really soon. It will be a cooperation between ASSAULT RECORDS, MAN THE CHANGE and DEAFCULT. Expect some 90ies influenced, heavy rocking hardcore with heart and soul. As these dudes are ones of the best we have ever met, we'll try our best to promote this LP in a proper way. There will be 150 pieces in blue/white marble vinyl and 350 in blue. Preorders will be up soon. Furthermore we are pleased to announce that ALLOCATION from Belgium are going to join deafcult records. 90ies Hardcore as well, with chugga chugga riffs, harsh vocals. All in all this band reminds me of Disembodied more than sometimes. Definetely a good thing. LIGHTHOUSE just returned from their tour with TOUCHE AMORE and it seems they had a blast. We are working on some new shows and we now feature a 48 hours delivery guarantee in our webstore.

Love comes close

Montag, 13. September 2010

the future of the left

Hi there!

sometimes it's time to ask which direction you will go and which one you won't go. It has been 3 and a half years since we have done our first show and since then about 50 shows have followed. we also have released some records in a more or less successful way. all these things need time, money and motivation. Same as in relationships after the first time of "total love" is over, normally that should take about 3 Months, you start thinking about some things over. Some things are getting on your nerves, some things you can't really stand anymore. It has been the same case with deafcult.
after some time you get tired and worn out. worn out of working 40 or more hours a week, finishing stupid educations and taking care of this music thing. in the last few days I have really thought to stop this thing forever, simply because of burning out. last week's blacklisted was a perfect example for that. Already tired of doing that show, then fucking up with technical problems and basically spending a third of your month salair for one evening. punkrock can be beautiful but it can also be boring as fuck.

anyway we'll carry on. we might won't do that much shows anymore but we'll have a completely new webstore the next week, we'll have one or two releases coming out and we will still watch b-movies on youtube.

music is still the thriving force in our lives. it is touching our hearts (a partial print), wakes us up early in the morning ( keepers of the faith) or makes a rainy day bright (left and leaving). If this whole music means a lot to you, then support it the best way you can. Buy Records, go to shows, promote shows, make your own band. fuck the world.

Sonntag, 4. Juli 2010

Bitter End, New Morality

Hardcore is back. 2000% or even more. Bitter End released a bastard of an album, and their previous release "Climate Of Fear " is still on heavy rotation on my turntable. So it's once again time for stagedives, highfives and 2step. Yeah.
We did a classic flyer for that show. Check it out.

Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010

converge Tickets

available at the heavy-rotation musicstore, at via mail at:, soon at the rockhouse and via oe-ticket.

take your love to your grave

Dienstag, 22. Juni 2010

Skeletonwitch and fighting cancer

we are pleased to announce a show with SKELETONWITCH, WARBRINGER, ANGELUS APATRIDA and one local support band on the 31th of August. Heavy Rotation Musicstore is also in the boat. Just like always when we are dealing with good metal.

If you don't know these bands, take 5 minutes of your life and watch their videos.

furthermore we decided that all remains of the Converge Show will go to the "Kinderkrebshilfe Salzburg". even tough generally evil is cool and good is dumb.

Donnerstag, 3. Juni 2010

Converge Tickets

next week on sale via heavy-rotation und rockhouse. already on sale via

get some.
take your love to the grave.

Mittwoch, 26. Mai 2010

L.ooking O.ut. Visionless E.yes

we are happy to present BLACKLISTED in September. A band that touched our hearts with every release. A band constantly evolving their. A band with spirit.

Sonntag, 23. Mai 2010

death to all but metal

or something like that.
We are looking forward to GHOST BRIGADE, INSOMNIUM, NAHEMAH, CRANK and WINDING PATH in the ROCKHOUSE-BAR tomorrow on the 24th of May. Get Wild.

next shows: